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The birth of tequila

Many people have wondered why tequila was named tequila. At the moment there are many versions of the creation of the name of this drink and all of them are less or more reliable. Based on one of the sources - this name came to us from the language of the Mexican ancient people, the language of Nahuatl. This word at that time meant something between two places, where herbs are gathered and a place where they compete and demonstrate their agility. Other sources say that the name of the drink came from the name of the small town of Tequila in Mexico. Still other sources say that the name came from the names of the peoples of Mexico. Whichever version corresponds, but tequila is an alcoholic drink that is produced in Mexico.

The very first factory that was built to make tequila was created in 1600. With the name of the owner of this factory Don Pedro Sanchez de Agle is very much connected with the whole history of the drink. A very distant relative of tequila is a drink called pulque, which was produced from magwe juice many years ago. The maguey plant is a genus of agave. After long storage, the juice of this plant was fermented and became a popular low-alcohol drink.

In the sixteenth century the distillation of pulque was mastered, and as a result of this distillation a new drink called mescal was born. Then new technologies were developed for the production of alcohol, and as a result, a new alcoholic beverage was born, which has an amazing taste and aroma.

Time passed and the technology for the production of tequila improved, large batches of this drink began to go for export to other countries where tequila was in very high demand. As the demand increased, the number of factories producing the Mexican drink increased, and at the moment there are already 70 known factories.


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